I could not be happier in my new home Bancal you are very lucky to have an awesome employee like Tammy and the staff at the office.
-David W, San Francisco

All I can say is wow what a great team.
-Henry F, San Francisco

I would refer any potential renters to Bancal, they are easy to work with and Norm will go above and beyond his responsibilities to make sure you are taken care of.
-Stuart M, Manhattan

BanCal really handled all the unexpected hiccups of living in an old building. My agent, Norm, was even nice enough to field my late night text messages. I would refer potential renters to BanCal; they are easy to work with and go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.
-Stuart M

Hands down I have the best landlord in the city! Before moving here I had heard SOOO many horror stories about SF landlords. I was dreading what experiences awaited me in my first apartment in the city. But to my surprise, I have had the complete opposite experience when I found this apartment and had Tammy as my landlord. She's amazing!
-Kari G, San Francisco

San Francisco is a unique city and owning a building in San Francisco requires what I'd call a "San Francisco Property Manager". That would be someone that loves what they do and knows what they are doing. Tammy McNaught exemplifies those qualities.
-Michael l, San Francisco

Tammy of BanCal Property Management commissioned me to remodel the bathrooms and kitchens in two rental units in the Marina. She stayed on top of everything that was happening with the project, immediately found a new renter for the vacant unit and worked with the tenants in the occupied unit to keep them happy. If I owned rental property I would hire BanCal in a heartbeat.
-Deborah T.

BanCal gets our highest recommendation for expertise both in hands-on operations and financial property management.
-MB Partners, San Francisco

Whenever a problem arises, big or small, BanCal is on top of it and will send someone out to help immediately. The staff is extremely reasonable, helpful and caring.
-Blair W. - San Francisco

When comes to management they are on time and they take of the problem as soon as they are informed with good the quality.
-Hooshang, K.

I've lived in two condos in the past and each had multiple managers over the years. Tammy McNaught at Bancal has been of the highest caliber, beyond compare. Very responsive to our requests and very proactive on all yearly requirements. I recommend them highly.

BanCal has been managing our property in Pacific Heights for the past few years and we could not be happier. Our last management company was a joke..they never returned our phone calls, never came to the building and always found some excuse as to why they could not take on some project. Basically our Board had to do everything on our own which defeats the entire purpose of having a management company. Anyhow, we were referred to BanCal from one on my friends at another building they manage and after a few interviews with Tammy, we hired them. Once we did, they hit the ground running. They fixed our financial mess the last management company left us in, put some processes and procedures place so we could start to tackle the ongoing problems we were having with our residents and helped restore the peace. We now have regular meetings and people actually know what is happening at the building. It is amazing how just a little effort from a management company can go a long way. I would definitely recommend BanCal if you are looking for HOA property management.
-Elizabeth, L.